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Palms Place Hotel and Spa Las Vegas

Just one kilometre to the west of the Las Vegas Strip stands the vast Palms Place Hotel and Spa Las Vegas. It is a beautiful five-star resort boasting the best features a hotel in Las Vegas can offer. The most notable highlight of this resort is not its close proximity to the Strip, nor its large, on-site casino. It’s the themed-rooms that keep bringing guests into the hotel.

There are hundreds of rooms available in the hotel, but the most demanded are the fantasy rooms offering a special theme of the guest’s choice. These rooms are found in the Fantasy Tower, which is one of two towers that make up the hotel. Guests have a range of fantasy options, including the Directors Suite, Celebrity Suite, Erotic Suite and the Penthouse Suite. Nice touches like two TVs and rain showers add to the uniqueness of this hotel.

When it comes to entertainment, the Palms Place Hotel and Spa Las Vegas is second to none. Several nightclubs are featured at the resort, including the Playboy Club. Shows are performed here, especially at the Pearl Palms Concert Arena. The casino is another great place to experience an electric atmosphere in the resort.

The pool at the hotel is phenomenal, as is the spa treatment centre. Guests will find a huge menu of treatments to divulge in, such as the suntan salon package and the drift spa package.

Getting around this huge hotel can be a bit of a mission, as things are spread out, making it unsuitable for older folk. It caters best to casino punters and those in Sin City to party, though partiers may like to seek entertainment off-site as the in-house clubs lack in any real vibe.

The resort is an A-list hangout, with many celebrities frequenting it. Even though it is located off-Strip, it has a reputation that makes it one of the premier hotel casinos in the city. Nevertheless, the likes of the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and the Monte Carlo are just one kilometre (or a two-minute shuttle ride) from the Palms Place Hotel and Spa Las Vegas.Been here? Rate it:Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)

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