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Overflowing with entertainment, opportunity and bright lights, Las Vegas is one of the world’s most popular destinations and rarely fails to disappoint. No matter what your expectations are for Sin City, nothing can really prepare you for the sensory overload of the Strip.

The resorts of this busy thoroughfare are more like Hollywood movie sets than hotels, projecting themes that range from Italian villas to New York City. Rest up before you embark on your holiday to Las Vegas because you’ll need all your stamina to make the most of this city that never sleeps.

Las Vegas holidays have something for everyone, driven by an atmosphere that is overwhelmingly youthful and energetic. By day there are glamorous pools for baking under the desert sun, golf courses and luxury shopping arcades. After dark, the Strip explodes with the colour of legendary performers, erupting volcanoes and the joyful cries of winning hands.

While adults certainly have the run of the place, holidays to Las Vegas are also great for families with children. From close-up encounters with sharks, dolphins and lions to circus clowns and trapeze artists, Vegas does a noble job of making the little ones feel at home. Holidays to Las Vegas 2011 are an ideal way to escape routine and indulge yourself for a few days in the warm desert climate.

Holidays to Las Vegas from UK are easier than ever before, with daily non-stop fights that take under 12 hours door to door. There’s no quicker way to get to Sin City, but you can take comfort knowing that the Strip will be ready and waiting the moment your feet hit the ground, regardless of the hour. Direct flights are more expensive than indirect options, but well worth the extra cash considering that most of the cheap flights involve up to 24 hours of travel time and at least one transfer.

Compared to holidays in other world-class destinations, holidays Las Vegas are surprisingly affordable. The hotel resorts along the Strip offer incredible value considering the wealth of amenities and thematic attractions on hand. Very nice rooms can be had right on the Strip for upwards of US$100 a night. Visitors willing to shell out more can enjoy truly majestic lodging at top resorts like Wynn Las Vegas or the Bellagio.

In fact, Las Vegas holidays 2011 are as cheap as they’ve ever been thanks to a couple of years of slumping visitor numbers. Almost all of the top resorts in Vegas now run bargain packages for three or four-night stays, sometimes throwing in freebies like credit in their casino or meal coupons. There’s never been a better time to take that long weekend getaway to Sin City.

Another great way to save money is by taking advantage of one of the myriad holiday Las Vegas travel packages sold by tour companies throughout the UK. By combining airfare and hotel, travellers can get a great deal along with the convenience of a single booking. There is plenty of flexibility in choice of hotel, depending on how much you care to spend on a package. The only downside is that most of these discount tour packages use indirect flights that involve a change.

Once you arrive in Vegas, the entertainment possibilities are endless. In this city that never closes, visitors will find a shocking amount of life still carrying on in the early hours of the morning. Restaurants are filled, casinos are still buzzing away and the bars are crowded with people celebrating their winnings all through the night.

In summer, the warm desert climate serves up perfect temperatures at night that are ideal for wandering and hotel-hopping along the Strip. The months of spring and autumn are the most popular times for a holiday in Las Vegas due to the beautiful weather, so prepare for an extra dose of crowds from March to May and September to November.

Lower room rates and fewer crowds make a trip here during the peak of summer or winter, tempting times for those who want to experience Vegas in a mellower mood. Daytime temperatures in the summer are brutally hot, but posh hotel pools and plenty of air conditioning make the heat tolerable. Winters are actually quite chilly in Las Vegas, especially after dark, when a warm jacket is a necessity.

A Las Vegas holiday doesn’t have to only involve gambling and partying. The surrounding desert is home to world-class attractions like the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. From helicopter rides to hot air balloons, there are many ways to experience the stark beauty of the Nevada desert.

Seven lush golf courses dot the area around Vegas and miles of Red Rock hiking trails offer respite from the bells and whistles of the casinos. A getaway in Las Vegas can be anything you want. That’s what makes Sin City such an attractive place for holidaymakers of all ages and walks of life.